Welcome to the Alumni Club page of the Union University Faculty of Law!

Here you can find information about business opportunities, opportunities for professional development, cooperation and networking between members of the Alumni Club, Faculty and other relevant entities.

Alumni Club PFUUB was founded with the aim of maintaining contact with our graduates and with the desire to support them in finding opportunities for further professional development and employment.

The Alumni Club consists of more than 1000 graduates of our Faculty. Our graduates are employed in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, ministries, courts, the Public Attorney’s Office, law firms in the country and abroad, the Office of the Protector of Citizens, the City Administration of Belgrade and other local governments in Serbia, the Anti-Corruption Agency privatization, Republic institutes, international organizations, civil society organizations and other state bodies, organizations and institutions. We are proud of their professional successes, and the Alumni Club is our place for joint gatherings, exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.