Nikola Kovačević, Teaching Fellow

ORCiD Number


Office II (I Floor)



Bachelor Studies
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure Law

  • Ph.D – Union University, School of Law, candidate (2019)
  • LL.M – University of Essex, School of Law (2018)
  • LL.B – Union University, School of Law (2014)

  1. The Normative Regulation of Prohibition of Ill-treatment in the Criminal Law Framework of the Republic of Serbia, Milan Žarković, Ivana Bodrožić and Nikola Kovačević, International scientific conference ‘Towards a Better Future: Democracy, EU Integration and Criminal Justice, Faculty of Law University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Bitola, 2019, Vol. 1, pp. 166-176
  2. The principle of non-refoulement in the Practice of the Constitutional Court of Serbia in the Light of Generally Recognized Rules of the International Law: From Recognition to the Lack of Implementation, Pravni zapisi, XI, No. 1/2020, pp. 229 – 253
  3. Refugee Status Determination Procedure and Mental Health of the Applicant: Dynamics and Reciprocal Effects, Maša Vukčević Marković, Jovana Bjekić and Nikola Kovačević, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Vol. 11.
  4. Human Rights of Foreigners Refused Entry and Detained at Airport Transit Zones: From Novak Đoković Saga to the Arbitrary Detention of H.G.D., Nikola Kovačević, Pravni zapisi, XIII, No. 1/2022, pp. 129 – 153