The Union University School of Law (UUSL) in Belgrade organizes and delivers a master academic studies (MA) programme entitled Master Academic Studies in Law (LLM). It is a continuation of the undergraduate academic study programme generating 240 ECTS, after which students are eligible to take up their master academic studies. The LLM studies last one academic year (two semesters), generate 60 ECTS and provide a selection of various study modules. The study programme enables intersection of various branches of law and legal disciplines, so students, according to their needs and interests, could get an insight in the way they interlink, facilitating, in turn, an interdisciplinary approach to studying the so-called borderline fields of legal science. The LLM studies will offer students state-of-the-art professional and theoretical knowledge thanks to which they will be able to deal with the most complex legal situations, a skill of great asset to all legal professions, especially lawyers who aspire to become leaders in the administration, judiciary, other organizations or legal services in the business sector, as well as in other legal professions, such as that of a notary public, public enforcement officers, solo practicing lawyers and attorneys, etc.

Starting from the 2021-2022 school year, the Union University School of Law in Belgrade (UUSL) will organize and implement a new accredited Master Academic Studies Programme (MA) in Law (LLM). Its completion leads to obtaining an academic title of Master in Law (LLM).

The aim of this study programme is for students to advance their general and specific professional competencies in certain fields of law in order to have a base to apply for employment and fulfill the requirements necessary for engagement in various legal professions in the judiciary, public administration or the business sector.

Based on students’ individual needs, the study programme provides them with an opportunity to participate in creating their own education path by choosing among a variety of study modules incorporating key fields of legal profession and the ways of public administration, the judiciary and corporate actors, including the field of ecological law as a contemporary legal discipline. The contents of the study modules is in line with some parts of the curricula of the courses preparing novice lawyers for the bar exam, as well as other professional exams (such as the one for public administration employees, a notary public, a public enforcement officer or a mediator’s license), facilitating thus acquisition of special theoretical knowledge and practical skills that makes passing such exams much easier. Besides specialist knowledge in a given field, successful engagement in legal professions assumes good knowledge of the functioning of the entire legal system. Therefore, the study programme interlinks various branches of law and legal disciplines in order for students, each according to his/her own needs and interests, to gain an insight into their mutual interdependence.


LLM enrollment terms and conditions are the following:

  • Completed a four-year (240 ECTS credits) Undergraduate Bachelor Programme in Law (BA in Law) with a university level law school;
  • Completed a four-year Undergraduate Programme in Law with a university level law school acc. to regulations before the 2005 Higher Education Law entered into force;
  • Completed a 240 ECTS credits undergraduate programme with a like humanities and social sciences university level school, aka a four-year undergraduate programme with a relevant university level school acc. to regulations before the 2005 Higher Education Law entered into force, provided that the curricula and syllabuses of such schools are compatible with those of the UUSLB, acc. to its general provisions legislative acts.

Study module – Administrative law
Local self-government law
Judicial monitoring of public administration

Study module – Criminal law
Penal law
Penal sanctions enforcement law

Study module – International commercial law
EU commercial law
International commercial arbitration

Study module – Judicial organisation law
Notary public – Capacity and function
Enforcement – Capacity and function

Study module – Family law
Family members’ property relations
Family mediation

Study module – Environmental law
International  environmental law
Environmental damage liability


The LLM tuition fee is 1,200 EUR per year and is payable in the local currency (RSD) at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) on the day of the payment. The mandatory enrollment amount is 240 EUR, while the rest of the tuition fee may be paid in eight monthly installments of 120 EUR each. The tuition fee for students paying its total amount at enrollment is 1,100 EUR.