The Union University School of Law (UUSL) in Belgrade organizes and delivers a master academic studies (MA) programme entitled Master Academic Studies in Law (LLM). It is a continuation of the undergraduate academic study programme generating 240 ECTS, after which students are eligible to take up their master academic studies. The LLM studies last one academic year (two semesters), generate 60 ECTS and provide a selection of various study modules. The study programme enables intersection of various branches of law and legal disciplines, so students, according to their needs and interests, could get an insight in the way they interlink, facilitating, in turn, an interdisciplinary approach to studying the so-called borderline fields of legal science. The LLM studies will offer students state-of-the-art professional and theoretical knowledge thanks to which they will be able to deal with the most complex legal situations, a skill of great asset to all legal professions, especially lawyers who aspire to become leaders in the administration, judiciary, other organizations or legal services in the business sector, as well as in other legal professions, such as that of a notary public, public enforcement officers, solo practicing lawyers and attorneys, etc.