Prijava za Erazmus program razmene na Univerzitetu Munster u Nemačkoj u zimskom semestru akademske 2022/2023 godine

Obaveštavaju se studenti da je otvorena prijava za Erazmus program razmene na Univerzitetu Munster u Nemačkoj u zimskom semestru akademske 2022/2023 godine. Prijava je otvorena do 25. aprila 2022. godine.

Tekst konkursa možete pogledati OVDE.

Za sve dodatne informacije studenti se mogu obratiti Ivi Ivanov na email: 


Within the framework of the Erasmus + programme, UUSLB has signed a Student and Teacher Mobility Agreement with the Law School of the University of Münster, Germany. The Agreement provides UUSLB students at all levels of studies with an opportunity to implement a part of their studies or research activities at the Law School of the University of Münster, whereas UUSLB teachers may apply for guest lecturers’ posts at this School. Students at all levels of their studies of the University of Münster, as well as its teachers, may, in turn, also spend a some time at UUSLB.

UUSLB has signed another Erasmus + Student and Teacher Mobility Agreement with the European University in Cyprus, providing teacher, aka guest lecturers exchange along the lines of both academic institutions’ curricula.


The student mobility application procedure has been defined by the International Mobility Policy document and comprises of several steps briefly explained in the text below.

Step 1: Expression of Interest

For the initial information collection please contact the International Relations Office of the Union University (Iva Tarabić, and Iva Ivanov, a UUSLB Teaching Assistant in charge of information re. the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Münster University in Germany (

Follow the Erasmus programme mobility updates on the International Relations Office webpage.

Any student of the Union University n Belgrade is entitled to participation in several mobility programmes, with the mobility period per student at the same level of studies may not last less than three months and no more than twelve months. Additionally, the total mobility period may not last more than half of the entire (regular) study programme in the student’s resident school / university.

Step 2: Application Procedure and Documentation Required

Students wishing to participate in the mobility programme must adhere to the procedure provided by the aforementioned Policy document, as well as to the instructions devised by the International Relations Office. Alongside their application, the applicants will either provide written evidence on their foreign language competence or, in case they are not in a position to do it, will be interviewed specifically for foreign language competence assessment purposes.

The student mobility application pack consists of the following documents to be submitted:

  1. The application form (Student application for Erasmus+ mobility – traineeship In and Out UUB Ver.1Student application for Erasmus+ mobility – studying In and Out UUB Ver.1);
  2. The Learning Agreement for Studies or the Teacher Mobility Contract (Learning agreement for studies  Incoming to UUB Ver.1Learning agreement for studies – Outgoing from UUB Ver.1);
  3. An English language competence certificate;
  4. A CV;
  5. A motivation letter.

In case of some mobility programmes, additional documentation may be necessary. The list of such documentation will be specified in the programme call for application.

Step 3: Selection Process

The selection committee will rank all applicants within a given mobility programme call. Eligible candidates will be selected based on ranking and available funds. Such rules may be regulated by a Mobility Agreement.

Step 4: Departure

Filling-in of the Student Learning Agreement and all other documents, including insurance, the visa, tickets and departure issues, is organized, aka prepared with the assistance of the International Relations Office and Danijela Živković, the UUSLB Administrative Assistant ( UUSLB will provide support to successful candidates during all student mobility programme phases.

Step 5: Return

Upon their return to the resident academic institution, the students are expected to send their own student mobility documentation to the International Relations Office for purposes of credits transfer, assessment and overall process evaluation.

The Learning Agreement pertaining to a certain programme during the mobility period is managed by the Dean of the UUSLB. The Dean must approve the Learning Agreement in order to validate the mobility period abroad. If an annex is necessary, it is signed by the student, the student’s resident institution and the mobility host institution.

All information on the Erasmus + Programme is available at the Union University in Belgrade webpage  (


Teacher mobility programme applicants should submit the following documents:

  1. The Application Form (Staff of UUB application form Erasmus+ Outgoing from UUB Ver.1);
  2. The Erasmus + teacher and university staff certificate (Certificate of Erasmus+ staff mobility – Incoming to UUB Ver.1Certificate of Erasmus+ staff mobility – Outgoing from UUB Ver.1);
  3. Staff Mobility Agreement – Guest lecturers at the Union University in Belgrade and beyond (Staff Mobility Agreement – teaching Incoming to UUB Ver.1Staff Mobility Agreement – teaching Outgoing from UUB Ver.1);
  4. Staff Mobility Agreement – Training at the Union University in Belgrade and beyond (Staff_Mobility_Agreement_training_Incoming to UUB Ver.1Staff Mobility Agreement – training Outgoing from UUB Ver.1).

Course Catalogue

– Undergraduate Academic Legal Studies and Courses Available in English Language
– Master Academic Studies in Law and Courses Available in English Lanugage (One Year – 60 ECTS)
– Doctoral Academic Studies in Law / PhD Programme and Courses Available in English Language (Three Years – 180 ECTS)