Starting from the 2021-2022 school year, the Union University School of Law in Belgrade (UUSLB) will organize and implement an accredited Doctoral Academic Studies / PhD Programme in Law (DASL). Its completion leads to obtaining an academic title of a JD (Doctor in Law), aka PhD in Law.


Anyone completing a second degree university level academic studies programme in law, humanities or relevant social sciences, as well as any of the studies listed below, is eligible for the DASL:

  • Master Academic Studies (MA) which, together with the prior undergraduate studies, amount to 300 ECTS points; or
  • Integrated studies amounting to min. of 300 ECTS points; or
  • The four-year Undergraduate Programme in Law with a university level law school acc. to regulations before the 2005 Higher Education Law entered into force.

A person with prior education in humanities or relevant social sciences may be enrolled into the DASL with an obligation to pass additional exams.

A person with an MA in law, humanities or other relevant social sciences may enroll the DASL under special conditions.

Priority will be given to persons with a higher average score at their prior studies, as well as proven scientific research study implementation capacity.

Curriculum / Courses Available in English Language