The Union University Law School Belgrade (Union Law Belgrade) has an intensive international cooperation with academic institutions abroad within the framework of its undergraduate and postgraduate studies programmes, international projects and conferences, as well as the Erasmus + student and teacher mobility programmes. The cooperation is implemented upon signing bilateral agreements, by means of participation in international projects or membership in international academic networks and institutions.

The Union Law Belgrade is a member of EPLO (the European Public Law Organization), alongside states and numerous European universities. Through the EPLO academic network, the Union Law Belgrade implements teaching, academic and scientific cooperation with law schools abroad, including also joint funding applications for international projects. For more details on EPLO activities click here.

The Union Law Belgrade is a member of the OLA (Observatory for Local Autonomy) network dealing with contemporary local self-government issues. For more details on OLA activities click here.


Implementation of international projects involves  the Union Law Belgrade teachers and assistants by means of bilateral cooperation supported by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, or cooperation with foreign academic institutions within projects funded by the COST academic network.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation supported by the relevant Ministry (2019-2022), the Union Law Belgrade was implementing the project entitled Influence of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the rule of law in Slovenia and Serbia Project. This project is a joint venture of the Union Law Belgrade and the European Law School of the Nova Univerza University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Serbian Project Manager is Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD. For more information on the project click here.

The Union Law Belgrade is currently involved in two COST projects:

  1. COST Action 18123: The Pan-European Family Support Research Network: A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach (2018-2023). The project aims at family support provision researchers’ networking in over 20 countries. The project is coordinated by the University of Seville, Spain. The Union Law Belgrade participants in it are Assist. Prof. Jelena Arsić, SJD, as its Manager in Serbia, and Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, as its Deputy Manager in Serbia. For more information on the project click here.
  2. COST Action CA19143: Global Digital Human Rights Network (2020-2024). The aim of the Global Digital Human Rights Network is to systematically research theoretical and practical issues concerning human rights protection online. Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD, its Manager in Serbia, has been nominated into the Project Board, with Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, as her Deputy. For more information on the project click here.

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH EXCHANGE (international conferences, workshop, roundtables)

The Union Law Belgrade strives to have a lively academic exchange. We organise international conferences, workshops and roundtables with world renowned scholars to discuss ideas, exchange research results, receive and give feedback, and build strong academic networks. Information on past and future international conferences are available in the menu of the section Academic Events.