2023-2024 Master of Law Programme (one-year – 60 ECTS)

The Union University Law School Belgrade now enrols a new generation of students into its master programme in Contemporary Legal Studies (CLS)!

The CLS Master Programme is designed both for the recent graduates and experienced professionals, who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills in law, giving the special emphasis on the contemporary issues. It strives to provide students with legal knowledge that will enable them to set, discuss and evaluate issues, select relevant materials, build arguments pertaining to law, policy, existing practice, and development.

The CLS Master Programme offers maximum flexibility, enabling students to tailor the studies to meet their own academic and professional interests and needs in a broad range of areas of public law. Namely, students are free to choose their academic track from the list of optional courses the CLS offers. The list of optional courses includes Law and Politics, Principles of Good Governance, Contemporary Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Taxation and Public Policy, EU Private Law, Theory of Human Rights and Equality, International Human Rights Law Seminar, Health and Human Rights, Privacy Rights and Law of Information, Selected Topics in Property Law, and Law in Film and Literature Seminar. Apart from master thesis, the only mandatory course is in legal writing and research. Also, students are required to obtain practical experience in a public entity of their choosing. This joint mandatory core will both provide them with the relevant legal research and writing skills and an ability to apply their knowledge and skills in practice.

Enrolment quota

  • 20 students

Eligibility criteria

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate academic studies programme in law (240 ECTS), or completion of a four-year undergraduate academic studies in law in accordance with regulations before the 2005 Higher Education Act entered into force; or
  • completion of a four-year academic study programme (240 ECTS) on a related humanities or social sciences school or department, or according to the laws before the 2005 Higher Education Act entered into force, provided that the curricula or those schools or departments are compatible with those of the Union University Law School Belgrade (UULSB).

Beside the criteria, the applicants’ English language skills level must be such as to provide for teaching and instruction comprehension, passing exams, research projects implementation and writing of a final paper. These skills are to be proven by one of the following certificates: CAE – Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English, IELTS – International English Language Testing System, TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language, as well as by presenting a graduation certificate from a high school in which the teaching was in English, or a diploma proving completion of undergraduate academic studies in English.

The applicants ranking will be based on their average undergraduate studies score and the length of their studies.

Enrolment Procedure and Deadlines

  • Applications: please submit your application with the accompanying documentation to the UUSLB Postgraduate Courses Secretary (personally or by email by 6 October 2023
  • Preliminary rankings announcement by 10 October 2023;
  • Enrolment of the selected applicants will be open from 16 October to 20 October 2023.

Application Form

Supplementary Documents

For the purposes of the CLS programme enrolment call participation, the candidates must submit the original or a photocopy of the following documents: the filled-in application form, the undergraduate study programme diploma and a proof of an enrolment call participation fee amounting to EUR 30, payable in RSD (in the amount calculated by using the middle exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank on the day of payment).


All the documents required for the enrolment must be either originals or their officially verified photocopies. The enrolment fee amounts to EUR 50 (in the amount calculated by using the middle exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank on the day of payment).

Filing Complaint

An applicant has the right to submit a complaint to the enrolment ranking list in accordance with the UULSB regulations.

Tuition Fee

The CLS tuition fee is EUR 1,200 EUR.

The initial instalment of EUR 240 must be paid at enrolment, while the remainder may be paid in eight monthly instalments of EUR 120. In case the entire enrolment fee is paid at enrolment, the tuition fee is EUR 1,100.

All amounts are payable in RSD, and are calculated by using the middle exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank on the day of payment.