UULSB professors, teachers and teaching fellows participate in a significant number of national. regional and international projects.

Projects funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education and Science

Since 2020, UULSB has been implementing the Influence of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the rule of law in Slovenia and Serbia Project. It is a part of a bilateral cooperation between the School and the European Law School of the Nova Univerza University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Serbian Project Manager is Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD, while the project team comprises of the following people: Prof. Tatjana Papić, SJD, Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, Assist. Prof. Aleksa Radonjić, SJD,  Boris Topić and Uroš Siljanović, both UULSB PhD students. The project deals with the implementation of ECHR (the European Convention on Human Rights) and basic freedoms in Slovenian and Serbian legal systems from the human rights perspective as a precondition for protection of the rule of law.

International Projects

UULSB professors and teaching fellows are currently involved in several COST projects:

  • COST Action 18123: The Pan-European Family Support Research Network: A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach (2018-2023). The project aims at family support provision researchers’ networking in over 20 countries. The network observes these countries’ common goals concerning providing support to families and parenting policies development, recognizing at the same time cultural specificities, as well as particularities of a family context. The basic project goals concern coordination of relevant research, along with capacity-building of the existing family support systems. The project is coordinated by the University of Seville, Spain. UUSLB participants in it are Assist. Prof. Jelena Arsić, SJD, as its Manager in Serbia, and Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, as  its Deputy Manager in Serbia.
  • COST Action CA19143: Global Digital Human Rights Network (2020-2024). Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD, its Manager in Serbia, has been nominated into the Project Board, with Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, as her Deputy. UULSB has nominated the following professors and teaching fellows for its project team members: Prof. Tatjana Papić, SJD,  Assoc. Prof. Marko Božić, SJD, and Nikola Kovačević, a UULSB Teaching Fellow and PhD student. The aim of the Global Digital Human Rights Network  is to systematically research theoretical and practical issues concerning human rights protection online.
  • COST Action HIDDEN CA21120Identity documentation has come to feature in every part of modern life. The History of Identity Documentation in European Nations (HIDDEN) network unites scholars in history, migration studies, geography, sociology, law, linguistics, postcolonial studies, human rights and more to look at the history of ID regimes in Europe and beyond, drawing connections between the past and present. In the context of UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 that everyone should have a legal identity by 2030, and the rise of new forms of biometric digital ID, such as the Covid-19 vaccination certificates, it is timely that an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary group of scholars critically examine the antecedents of modern systems and contemporary practices which can increase societal inequalities.