UUSL professors, teachers and teaching fellows participate in a significant number of national. regional and international projects.

Projects funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Since 2020, UUSL has been implementing the Influence of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the rule of law in Slovenia and Serbia Project. It is a part of a bilateral cooperation between the School and the European Law School of the Nova Univerza University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Serbian Project Manager is Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD, while the project team comprises of the following people: Prof. Tatjana Papić, SJD, Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, Assist. Prof. Aleksa Radonjić, SJD,  Boris Topić and Uroš Siljanović, both UUSLB PhD students. The project deals with the implementation of ECHR (the European Convention on Human Rights) and basic freedoms in Slovenian and Serbian legal systems from the human rights perspective as a precondition for protection of the rule of law.

UUSL professors, teachers and teaching fellows have also participated in some of the basic projects supported by this Ministry coordinated other academic and scientific organizations:

  • Competition Advancement Within the EU Accession Process (OI Project No. 47028), coordinated by the Faculty of Economy, Finance and Administration (FEFA). UUSL participation: Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD and Prof. Sonja Bunčić, SJD;
  • Conceptualizing a Political Issue Doctrine: The Kosovo Case, a research study of the Social Sciences Institute. UUSL participation: Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD;
  • Criminal Activity in Serbia: Phenomenology, Risks and Social Intervention Options (OI Project No. 47011), coordinated by Criminological and Sociological Research Institute. UUSL participation: Prof. Slađana Jovanović, SJD;
  • Serbian and European Law – Comparison and Harmonization (OI Project No. 179031), coordinated by the Comparative Law Institute. UUSL participation: Prof. Nataša Mrvić, SJD, as the Project Manager, and Assist. Prof. Katarina Jovičić, SJD;
  • Tradition, Innovation and Identity in the Byzantine World (OI Project No. 177032), coordinated by the Byzantology Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU), coordinated by the Byzantology Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. UUSL participation: Assist. Prof. Tamara Matović, SJD.

International Projects

UUSL professors, teachers, teaching fellows and PhD students are involved in two current COST projects:

  • COST Action 18123: The Pan-European Family Support Research Network: A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach (2018-2023). The project aims at family support provision researchers’ networking in over 20 countries. The network observes these countries’ common goals concerning providing support to families and parenting policies development, recognizing at the same time cultural specificities, as well as particularities of a family context. The basic project goals concern coordination of relevant research, along with capacity-building of the existing family support systems. The project is coordinated by the University of Seville, Spain. UUSLB participants in it are Assist. Prof. Jelena Arsić, SJD, as its Manager in Serbia, and Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, as  its Deputy Manager in Serbia.
  • COST Action CA19143: Global Digital Human Rights Network (2020-2024). Prof. Violeta Beširević, SJD, its Manager in Serbia, has been nominated into the Project Board, with Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, as her Deputy. UUSL has nominated the following professors and teaching fellows for its project team members: Prof. Tatjana Papić, SJD,  Assoc. Prof. Marko Božić, SJD, and Nikola Kovačević, a UUSLB Teaching Fellow and PhD student. The aim of the Global Digital Human Rights Network  is to systematically research theoretical and practical issues concerning human rights protection online.

UUSL Academic and Scientific Projects

UUSL professors, teachers and teaching fellows are also involved in in-house projects implemented solely by the School. In 2019 and 2020, three such projects were implemented:

  • Comparative Legal Tradition – Possibilities and Perspectives (2019-2020) – The project involved UUSLB professors and teachers, teachers from other university level organizations, as well as researchers from academic and scientific research organizations. Managed by Assist. Prof. Tamara Matović, SJD, and Assoc. Prof. Marko Božić, SJD, the project organized an expert discussion and published the NOMOPHYLAX compilation of research papers in History of Law, Romance, Byzantine and Medieval Studies as a Festschrift on the occasion of retirement of Prof. Srđan Šarkić, SJD.
  • Protection of Consumers’ Collective Rights in Serbian Comparative Law (2019-2020) – The Project Manager was Prof. Katarina Ivančević, SJD, with another six UUSL teachers as team members: Prof. Nataša Mrvić Petrović, SJD, Slađana Jovanović, SJD, Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, Assist. Prof. Katarina Jovičić, SJD,  Assist. Prof. Aleksa Radonjić, SJD and Assist. Prof. Slobodan Vukadinović, SJD. The project aim was to research functioning of the existing system of consumers’ collective interests protection and discuss the collective interests protection instruments in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia. The research study findings were presented at an international academic event organized in October 2020, while a compilation of papers presented at it was published early in 2021.
  • Property Law – Challenges of the 21st Century (2019-2021) – The project aim was to highlight the transformation of property law in the 21st century and the consequential legislative adaptations. Preliminary project results were presented at an international academic event in October 2020, with participants from abroad and the Republic of Serbia. Project Managers are Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, and Assist. Prof. dr Aleksa Radonjić, SJD.

Other Projects

The UUSL ASRS project activities are implemented in cooperation with the institutions, aka public authorities of the Republic of Serbia, international organizations, as well as civil society organizations (CSO). UUSL professors and teachers often participate in such research and professional projects implemented and funded by these organizations. Some of the more notable projects implemented in the past were the following:

  • Providing Effective Support to the Members of the Most Discriminated Groups and Their Organizations (2016-2020) – Funded by EU, the project dealt with capacity-building of a just and inclusive democratic society based on fundamental European values by providing a more efficient participation of Serbian CSOs in decision-making processes and creation of a supportive legal environment for providing assistance to members of discriminated social groups. Assoc. Prof. Saša Gajin, SJD, was the Project Manager, while Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, was one of the researchers.
  • Supporting Implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy Action Plan: The Local Self-Government Reform (2016-2019) – The project was supported by the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), with Prof. Bogoljub Milosavljević, SJD, and Prof. Jelena Jerinić, SJD, participating in it.
  • Two more projects – Green Transparency of Public Procurement in Healthcare Project (beneficiaries: Pravni skener /Serb. for ‘a legal scanner/ CSO and Open Society Foundation) and Promoting Governmental Accountability Using Evidence from Sample-Based Monitoring of Healthcare Centers (beneficiaries: Pravni skener CSO and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) – involved Assoc. Prof. Jelena Simić, SJD, as one of their researchers.
  • Analysis of Laws and Bylaws of the Republic of Serbia and EU Regulations in the Field of Waste Management, with a Special Focus on the Local Self-Government Obligations, namely the City of Novi Sad Project was funded from the local self-government funds after it had been approved on a 2020 public call for proposals for co-funding research and development projects in the field of environment protection on the territory of the City of Novi Sad. The project aim was to analyze and assess the results of the so-far implementation of relevant regulations in the existing waste management system of the City. The following UUSL professors were engaged in the project. Prof. Nebojša Šarkić, SJD, Prof. Sonja Bunčić, SJD, Prof. Milena Trgovčević Prokić, SJD, and Assoc. Prof. Mario Lukinović, SJD. The project findings were published in a monograph early in 2021.