The Union University Belgrade Faculty of Law (Union Law Belgrade) has launched the International and Comparative Law Forum (ICLF) in October 2021.

Though ICLF, the Union Law Belgrade seeks to provide a permanent venue for exchanging and challenging ideas on topics of international and comparative law.

The ICLF has a four-track programme: (1) guest lectures, (2) students’ workshops, (3) academic conferences and (4) support for the Union Law Library fund.

Guest lectures


  1. New Developments in EU Law and European Human Rights Law, Matej Avbelj, Jernej Letnar Černič and Gorazd Justinek (New University Ljubljana), 9 December 2021
  2. The Legacy of the Hague Tribunal, Marko Milanović (University of Nottingham Faculty of Law), 14 December 2021


International Law in Practice: Attorneys’ View, Senka Mihaj, Dr. Vladimir Đerić, 29 November 2022.

Students’ workshops


  1. Transitional Justice Workshop

In academic year 2021/2022, the ICLF organized a two-month workshop on transitional justice (TJ), which aimed at providing students with multi-level learning possibilities on issues of TJ, including legal skills relevant for argument building and presentation. It also aspired to encourage students to reconsider and critically assess their views, particularly concerning the regional TJ process. The workshop took place from November through December 2021. It was supported by the UNDP and the UK Government.

  1. Crash Course on Academic Conference Presentation

In March 2022, the ICLF organised a crash course on conference presentation, in one of its missions: to support for junior scholars and our PhD students. The course aimed at providing students insight into good conference presentation, providing them with tips and trick on how to use their conference experience to the most. The course was led by our professor Tatjana Papić.


Academic conferences

  1. Junior Scholar Conference 2022

The ICLF is organising a junior scholar conference, which will take place virtually on 25-26 March 2022 on the topic Between National and International – Contemporary Challenges and Prospects.

The conference seeks to examine interactions between national and international law in the contemporary setting, and particularly how these interactions impact individuals. A special panel will be dedicated to the issue of transitional justice in the region of the Balkans and beyond. This panel is supported by UNDP Serbia and UK Government.

The conference is intended only for graduate students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and lecturers. It aims to provide an opportunity for junior scholars to present and discuss their work with the faculty from the Union Law Belgrade and prominent members of international and comparative law academic community.

Keynote address will be delivered by Professor Steven Ratner of the University of Michigan Law School and Professor Marko Milanovic of the University of Nottingham Faculty of Law.

For more details, please visit the conference page here.

Union Law Library fund

The Forum seeks to boost international and comparative law book collections in the Union Law Library. Thanks to a generous support of the UNDP and UK Government, the Library has acquired more than 25 new law titles, which will be used by the participants of the students’ workshop on transitional justice, but will also be available to the faculty, students and public at the Union Law Library.

A list of new books can be found here.