The UUSL Council is its governing body.

It consists of seven members, five of whom are representatives of its founders, one is a member of the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council and one is the students’ representative – the President of the Students’ Parliament or another representative thereof.


Acc. to the UUSL Statute
Article 33

The UUSL Council has the authority to:

  1. Adopt the Rules of Procedure document pertaining to its own operation mode;
  2. Adopt the Statute, upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal;
  3. Exercises the Founders’ Assembly decision to initiate the voluntary liquidation procedure, as well as that pertaining to termination of a liquidation procedure;
  4. Elect the Dean and the Acting Dean and relieves him/her of his/her duties;
  5. Elect the President and Deputy President of the Council and relieves him/her of his/her duty;
  6. Adopt the Financial Plan upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal;
  7. Adopt the short-term (annual) and mid-term (five-year) human resources plan pertaining to their terms of reference, employment, as well as conduct a needs assessment, draft and adopt a plan pertaining to hiring additional teachers, administrative and other staff;
  8. Upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal: adopt the decision on continuation of a teacher’s employment to up to three years after he/she has reached his/her retirement age;
  9. upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal: propose candidates for the Professor Emeritus title to the University;
  10. Adopt the UUSL Annual Business Report and the Annual Financial Report and, upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal, decide on the way the profit will be invested or shared;
  11. Adopt an Investment Plan;
  12. Decide on new UUSL departments formation or cancellation of the existing ones;
  13. Based on a prior formal opinion of the Founders’ Assembly: give formal agreement to decisions pertaining to UUSL assets management other than those the disposal of which is subject to Dean’s decision;
  14. Exercise the decision pertaining to profit distribution based on the Founders’ Assembly proposal;
  15. Adopt a decision on the exercise of the Founders’ Assembly decision pertaining to profit distribution;
  16. Adopt a decision pertaining to the tuition fee amount based upon the UUSL Teaching and Academic Council’s proposal;
  17. Submit at least one, aka annual business operation report to the Founders’ Assembly within three months following the adoption of the Annual Financial Report;
  18. Adopt the general bylaw pertaining to students’ disciplinary liability;
  19. Select an external auditor to audit the UUSL finances;
  20. Adopt the employment policy bylaw, in compliance with the relevant national law;
  21. Adopt an own assets management rulebook, in compliance with the relevant national law;
  22. Adopt a tuition fee rulebook;
  23. Adopt a price list;
  24. In compliance with the relevant national law: perform other activities pertaining to UUSL assets, unless a relevant law, the UUSL Memorandum of Association or its Statute does not provide for another body to perform them.



Prof. Bogoljub Milosavljević, SJD


Mirko Drašković, UUSL Founder
Vida Petrović Škero, a retired Serbian Supreme Court of Cassation Judge, UUSL Founder’s representative
Prof. Srđan Šarkić, SJD,  UUSL Founder’s representative
Prof. David Dašić, SJD, UUSL Founder’s representative
Milan Parivodić, UUSL Founder’s representative


Prof. Bogoljub Milosavljević, SJD


Lazar Tomašević, elected by the Student’s Parliament